Gamete Application & Database

Gamete is a cloud ERP database & application developed over 20 years for managing the collection, storage and use of animal semen and embryos.

  • Client and customer management
  • Collection, Storage, transactions and billing
  • programmes and planning

AB Europe

Animal Breeding Europe (AB Europe) is the leading supplier of artificial breeding services to the UK livestock industry. A young, dynamic and innovative company, we are constantly striving to develop new technologies in order to benefit the UK artificial breeding market as a whole.

Progress is in our DNA

AB Europe provides a comprehensive range of artificial breeding technologies to both livestock and domestic animals throughout the UK. Investing heavily in staff training and development and new technologies enables AB Europe to provide high quality on-farm and on-centre services from breeding centres based in Malvern, Edinburgh and Northern Ireland.

Our Pedigree

April 2015 saw New Zealand based Animal Breeding Services agree to purchase a major stake in Innovis Breeding Services.

Animal Breeding Services

Operating since the 1970’s and providing a comprehensive range of reproductive technologies applicable to the New Zealand livestock breeding industry, Animal Breeding Services employ 25 staff based in laboratory and field functions. With 500 hectares of farmland to support the services it provides, Animal Breeding Services have been operating from their Hamilton base since 1996. Animal Breeding Services operates four main business areas:

  • Semen collection centre for bulls, rams and bucks
  • Pig Genetics Joint Venture (with Waratah Farms)
  • Cattle Embryo Transfer, provision of recipients, AI and fetal sex scanning
  • Small Ruminant Embryo Transfer, and AI

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